Yes, you have heard that traffic is the must, the only way to grow your business and that you should get all the possible tips and tricks from the traffic gurus out there. You may have, just like me started to investigate many avenues.

I have for the last six month spend numerous hours and a decent amount of cash on Facebook ads. With a result close to the sea level. Nada, zilch, niente.

I have pulled out my hair, just kidding as I have none left, to understand how in hell this crap is working. Got some leads for a cost higher than $1,50. And this is too much, too expensive, especially as I haven’t made enough sales to cover my expenses.

Yes, the rule of the game if you want to survive is to make money! Not burn it!

People out there, and I read a lot of that, tell you that you can make, for each $1 invested at least 2 times more and even 5, 10 times more! What a load of BS! The best possible figure is to make hopefully $1 to $1,50 out of each new lead! That’s it? Well hey, you have to pay for your ad costs, etc.

Well yeah, this is depressing! Trust me I can feel your pain!

The good news is that, and this is a secret most guruuuuuuus don’t want you to know (because the less you manage to get hold of the solution, the more they will sell you), so the good news, is that traffic is important BUT it isn’t the key to your success online!

Your offer is, the economics behind it are.

You need traffic to build that key element, the holy grail of online marketers : your EMAIL LIST!

Time to get on your knees and praise holly “Email list”!

You should of course work daily on your email list and on growing it! Spend a couple hours doing so. Send some traffic.

I will tell you what type of traffic I like most and on which I HAVE CONTROL! Meaning I do precisely know how much I pay for each lead – yes you read well! Lead and not Click!


The problem with pay per click (PPC), Facebook ads etc… is that you try to catch leads from an audience not especially looking for your services or not sure yet. I would strongly suggest you pay attention to Solo Ads. More to come on that!

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