Who is your target market?

ATTENTION : DO NEVER, EVER, skip this! You can’t afford it!

Of course you have a precise idea of your market … do you? Well if you follow me there is a chance that you do.

Unfortunately many, many, many online business owners start with a great product, service idea, spend a lot fo time developing it, getting it ready for the launch and only them wonder ” who are we going to sell this to”!

Let me tell you a story: once in my career I had to work with an engineer who wanted only to develop applications that he liked. I had to tell him that it wasn’t going to be sold as the “market” (human beings, always) wasn’t in need, desire, of it! Well a few geeks maybe but that wasn’t for who the company was working!

Core item #1: Never develop/create for yourself! Use your own experience and how your solution, product, service helped you to grow, to move on, yes, but always keep your “market” in mind.

If you are in business and especially in the online business, I guess you want to change things, help people to grow, to be happier, richer whatever. But you want them to get from a given situation they are unhappy with to a new one where they will be feeling great!

Take me as an example: I love to see people smile! And I only work with the people I can help to smile by providing them new knowledge – if I am doing it properly you should be smiling when reading, watching this blog.

Core item #2: always work for the people you want to, and be sure to help them change something in their life for the better.

Now that you know “who” you want to work for you have to dive as deep as possible and create what is called in the delicious online marketing word “your ideal avatar”.

This has nothing to do with some blue faced E.T!

It is the person you are working for. Be very specific:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ressources
  • Job
  • Online behaviours
  • Type of business and income (if business owner)
  • etc …

Once this is done select a picture on the web of a person looking like your avatar (again, not the blue faced guy) and print it! Give that person a name. Make him, her tangible!

Core item #3: create your ideal avatar and make him/her tangible.

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